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The executive director of Phins *, Rodrigo Sêga, was privileged to be the author of the chapter " Portfolio Management, Program and Sustainable Projects" of the book "Sustainable Development and Environmental (R) Technological Evolution". Check out:

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Book Sustainable Development and Environmental (R) Technological Evolution

Organized by Professors Márcia Sartori and Tassiane Boreli Pinato, from Editora da Universidade Metodista de São Paulo

R $ 55.00

We are at a crucial moment in humanity, when natural resources need to be understood not only as resources for the economy, but also as resources for human survival.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Currently, there is a consensus that the traditional model of development has run out: global warming, the extinction of species, biomes, biodiversity, poverty and, more recently, the political and financial crisis confirm this finding. This book provides an overview of how it is possible to reverse this scenario and mitigate environmental impacts, through technology and a new vision, which involve environmental, social and economic factors.

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